Thekkan Kurisumala Pilgrim Centre Vellarada

Second Phase of 63rd Thekkan Kurisumala Pilgrimage

The Second phase of 63rd Thekkan Kurisumala Pilgrimage will be dedicated to HOLY CROSS, the Door to Wisdom. All those who have participated in the pilgrimage past years know the power of Holy Cross. Every year you had submitted your own axieties, frustrations, sickness, economic and family problems at the summit of Holy Cross. Perhaps you might have got a way to find solutions of your life problems. Again you want to come close to the Holy Cross. But the Wisdom of Holy Cross wants us to stay at home and raise your heart up to the Holy Cross and pray HOSSANA – Save us Lord from Covid 19. Yes the Name above all names Jesus Christ will save you from this present pandemic. Jesus Christ will give you time and courage to climb up to the summit of Sahya mountain to thank Him and being with the blissful atmosphere of beatiful nature.

Let us take up our own cross of Pandemic and renounce all our unnecessary ambitions, anxieties and worries and put our Trust in Lord, Jesus Christ who is in perfect communion with the Triune God of Love. At this pilgrimage time let us pray for a GLOCALL COMMUNITY of Love One Another. A Community that is locally witnessinfg and globally binding every one together.

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