Part 1
Divine-Human Persons in Communion

Theo-anthropology gives the basis for God (Trinity). Its purpose is to set the body, mind and spirit into a God of Communion.

  • Destiny of woman-A religious reading
  • Man is unique
  • Man relational
  • Man transcendental
  • Trinitarian Relationship,
  • Body, Soul, and Spirit in Person Jesus,
  • Self is relational,
  • Man is open to the horizons
  • Man is spiritual
  • Man is a mystery
  • Communion in Being (Image of God) etc…
Part 2
Anthropology of Coping Skill:
Motivation of Human Person

Coping Skill Anthropology helps the mind-setting of human. Its purpose is to analyse and to strengthen the human mind and body through skills. Phenomenological Analysis of Human Person: Change inside-outside:-

  • Restructuring one’s own life story,
  • Positive and negative messages and its influence in life,
  • Self esteem, self concept, self acceptance,
  • Behavioral setting,
  • Positive thinking, and self-actualization ,
  • Swot Analysis + Transactional Analysis and Attitude etc.
  • Goal Setting, Decision-making, Problem solving, Stress and You etc.
Part 3
Anthropology of Psychology:
Personality Development of Human Person

Psychological Anthropology deals with the formation of culture and personality. Its purpose is to define “the science of behaviour”. 12Psycho Analysis and Personalising:- Tapping the Untapped Tapping the Untapped potential in the individuals and providing them the space and atmosphere to blossom and flowerforth.

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Stress and You
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal relationship and Communication Skills
  • Psychological condition of person,
  • culture and individual,
  • Observation and interpretation of personalities etc
Part 4
Anthropology of Education:
Conscious of Integral Human Person

Educational Anthropology forms the basis for education of human beings as truly human. The purpose is the holistic and integral personality formation and not simply filling the intelligent.

  • Integral Human Development,
  • Sadwartha schools and Sarga Sagam,
  • Inter-personal Relationship,
  • Developing objective and Communicative Skills
  • Time Management etc.
Part 5
Anthropology of Politics:
Enlightened Human Person

Political Anthropology enlightens the politics of human. Its purpose is to create a structural basis for human justice and not to play poll-tricks in the society.

  • Political Theology,
  • Political Ministry,
  • Enlightened Politics
  • Polls & Human etc
Part 6
Anthropology of Social: Justice of HumanPerson

Social Anthropology encounters for a just human person. Its purpose is to empower the people to a justifiable life and avoid submission to be lived.

  • Faith and Development,
  • Man is social
  • Social Justice,
  • Developmental Leadership,
  • Management skills, Team work,
  • Dignity of work (Work is worship)
  • How to choose a career that suite to Integral growth
Part 7
Anthropology of Ecology:Environment Development of Human Person

Ecological Anthropology deals with the human-environmental (nature-culture) relationships over time and space. Its purpose is to form a net work relation of social, economic and political life of human person.

  • Nature and culture,
  • Environment,
  • Network of natural resources

Globalization and basic needs of the people etc

Part 8
Anthropology of Economy:Distributive Justice of Human Person

Economic anthropology deals with basic needs of the people and right distribution of resources of the world. Its purpose is the well being and better life of the people of the world.

  • Distributive justice of basic needs,
  • Economic globalization for right living,
  • A third way of economy to enhance the people of the society etc …
Part 9
Anthropology of Morality: Dignity of Human Person

Moral Anthropology encounters for human dignity. Its purpose is pro-life and dignified life.

  • Right to live,
  • Care and protection
  • Proper medical care
  • Human Sexuality etc.
Part 10
Managerial Anthropology: Pastoral Management of Human Person

Managerial Anthropology deals with the truth of God and humanity. Its purpose is to reconstruct the stories of humanity in truth and love.

  • Inter religious dialogue
  • Inter cultural dialogue
  • Inter personal dialogue
  • Intra-human, wisdom, truth and love

Basic Human community and Self-help Groups

Part 11
Media Anthropology: Communication of Human Person

Media Anthropology deals with the theology of body and skills. Its purpose is to communicate the reality of the humanity through proper media renewal.

  • Critical Analysis of the media
  • Encountering the media for the truth of humanity
Anthropology of Communion: Communion of Human Person

Communion anthropology is Samanwaya (co-relational) vision and mission of divine and human encounter for empowering wisdom. Its purpose is to unfold the wisdom as being of communion of human persons in the context.

  • Relational anthropology,
  • Celebration of Life in and as Community
  • Community of Communion through culture of love etc
  • Love = Wisdom = Christ
Part 13
Pastoral Anthropology:Pastoral Human Person
  • Mature Faith in pneumatic person – Christ,
  • Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
  • Pastoral Care & Life Care
  • Christ Energy — Personal Energy — Cosmic Energy
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