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Project Proposal
Counseling and Guidance Bureau

Today more than one-fifth ie about 22 crore people of India are young girls and boys in the age group of 10-19 years. They are adolescents. Adolescents are the immediate future of our country and would be the leader of tomorrow. Adolescence is the phase of opportunities and risks. Social environment greatly influence adolescence behavior. To create a nation of healthy and responsible citizens, it is essential that the health and educational concerns of such young people are addressed seriously. Gender considerations are fundamental and adolescent health for family and future generation. A supportive and caring environment for adolescents will promote optimum development of physical and intellectual capabilities.

Specific problems of Adolescents

Adolescents face lot of mental and emotional stress due to hormonal interplay. Some of the adolescents land up with serious problems like.

  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress
  • Isolation, rejection and depression.
  • Substance abuse leading to addiction
  • Pre-marital Sex
  • Reproductive tract infection (RTIs)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Physical and Sexual abuse
  • Unintended Pregnancies
  • Gender Discrimination

It is a matter of serious concern and there is a need to develop a positive attitude regarding these issues. These problems are being constantly discuses to evolve strategies for fighting against them. Keeping the rapidly changing social sceneries and life-style in view, we have decided to initiate the present project intended for children and Adolescents.

Problems of Cognitive development among children

Cognition refers to the higher “mental process” and the functions involved in understanding and dealing with the world around us-intelligence, perception learning, concept formation abstraction, problems solving and creative thinking.

Child psychologists have divided the sequences of Cognitive development into four stages.

  • Sensory motor stage-18 to 24 months of birth
  • Pre-operational thinking – 2 years to 7 years
  • Concrete operational-7 years to 11 years
  • Formal operational-11years to above.

From the time, the child enters school until the physical changes at puberty begin to develop; the desire to be noted and to be accepted by the gang becomes increasingly strong. Children who are socially unacceptable to their peers are usually either of quit, withdrawn, reserved type or of the aggressive, “problem type” that antagonize other children. The family, the community the school and various other socio-cultural groups are responsible for originating various behavioristic characteristics like attitudes, beliefs, ideas, interests and motivation. They also provide various opportunities for learning, recreation and leisure activities necessary for social adjustment. Invitation, suggestion, sympathy, negativism, quarreling, co-operation, praise and blame, appear or disappear, recognition, identification are some of the psycho-social variable which affect the social development of the child
In Kerala context, the social development of the child is disturbed due to the recent socio-economic and cultural changes of the state recently. Many children are found to be deviating from the cultural standards of the society. There are several cases of delinquent behavior among children today. The behavioral pattern of adolescents are also influenced by the childhood experiences. Thus there is the need for guidance and counseling for both Children and Adolescents.

Programme of Action

1st Phase - Need assessment study (sample survey)

  • Panel discussion in the findings of the study
  • Designing the Intervention Strategies to prevent and control delinquency and deviant behavior.

2nd Phase

  • Try to project team
  • Opening counseling centers with facilities for psycho-social counseling.
  • Facilitating congenial environment for the cognitive and social development of Children and Adolescents.

3rd Phase

  • Follow up action

Implementation strategy

Organizing a project team consists of

  • Director - Fr. Vincent
  • Team Leader - Consultant
  • Project staff - MA Psychology/MSW Background

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring committee under Fr. Vincent K. Peter

  • Samanwaya Juvenile Guidance & counseling (SJC)
  • Samanwaya Resource Tapping the Talents (SRTT)
  • Samanwaya Success Line (SSL)
  • Human Resource Bank (HRB)
  • Development of Personality & Communication (DPC)
  • Inter Cultural Eco – Friendly Experience (ICEE)

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It is to foster the skills of vision to do active mission in a pluralistic society. Lack of proper vision of the nature and the human person, life of the people in a pluralistic society is getting weak day by day.

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